altpop for the existential

If you wanna hear what it would sound like if St Vincent and Amanda Palmer invaded Chvrchesor if Gotye ate 21 Pilots... this is for you.
If you like rainbows & sunshine, but also question the purpose of existence… this is for you.
If you play air guitar with your mates Ellen & Josh but also love going dancing with Becky & Troy...this is for you.
Roxi Sound is nerdy ADHD guitarist singer songwriter addicted to relentlessly writing slightly weird but still boppable alternative indie pop anthems. 

Featured here singing in Gucci's Spring in the House campaign, celebrating the Year of the Rabbit ------>


Roxi is a neurospicy- pink guitar-wielding- songwriting force to be reckoned with. After featuring singing in Gucci's Spring in the House Campaign, she has finally channeled her boundless unique chaotic voice on all the instruments into an album. If HAIM, the 1975, Bombay Bicycle Club, and St Vincent had a baby -  it might sound like this. With Alternative Indie Electro Pop songs that straddle existential lyrical themes with pop hooks, creative production, riffy guitars and vocal harmonies, singles from her debut album AltPop for the Existential start launching in Jan 2023.  Roxi is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer based in quirky Brighton, UK. 


With support from Help Musicians UK, her first 3 singles will be released in the first half of 2023: There’s No Fire, Gaslight Tango, and I think that this might be Love

10 Feb 2023: There’s no Fire is an indie pop bop with a guitar tapping intro and themes of anxiety and companionship.

24th of March 2023: Gaslight Tango breaks the pop mould with a dark 1 minute intro with whispering synth vocals revealing a vulnerable story of how gaslighting infiltrates the mind, and quickly builds into a synth pop banger with a wicked hook. 

6th of May 2023: The last of this intro campaign for the album is I think that this might be Love is written about wholesome love (inspired by Roxi’s rescue cats, Dina & Dana... and her loving partner of 8 years… but mostly her cats). It teases the edges of cheesy lyrics while staying firmly rooted in feel good fun vibes. A killer keys performance from Sam Wilson (Who performs as an Elton John Tribute act) elevates the track with diverse and interesting chords and rhythms that support a guitar melody that will get stuck in your head for days. 


Like the Beatles cut their teeth playing covers in Hamburg (lofty comparison… we know), Roxi Sound has played over 1000 gigs in 5 star hotels in the Middle East and China and has over fifty 5-star reviews as a Songwriter for other artists on Fiverr. She has proven her mettle as a entertainer and professional musician - and is now emboldened to use her creativity to help other queer and alternative people to process the shame and societal pressures that hold us back from full potential.

The album has been co-produced with producer and mixing engineer, Poykin, whose background as a professional drummer roots the entire album with groove and feel that ensures the live and electronic elements merge seamlessly to tell the stories in the music. Roxi's music is like a 60 percent dark chocolate - it's dark… but feel good… not too sweet- but still fulfills that sugar craving. It's great music to process your struggle for meaning, anxiety, and rage at the patriarchy.